Saturday, February 20, 2016

Recent Australian Food

Some better plating.

Pork sliders, Bridgetown Australia

Jaws Restaurant, Perth

Duck and cherries, Must Restaurant, Mount Lawley Australia.

Berries and meringue, Must Restaurant.

Bruschetta with avocado and bacon, The Little Bird Northbridge.

Raw Mint Slice at The Little Bird

Chia Pudding and seasonal fruits at the Moana Cafe, Perth City.

American Food 2

Some dishes and scenes from Washington DC and New York City

Sweets and Sushi - Australia

Some meals and sweets from Down Under.

The famous sago pudding. These recur.

Cupcake wedding cake, Perth Australia.

Pumpkin leaf crisp, Sydney Australia

Combination Vietnamese - Perth, Australia

Nearby - goose in Hong Kong