Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Turkish Food

Varieties of sweets at a crafts bazaar, Istanbul.

Pickled fruits and vegetables, crafts bazaar Istanbul.

Turkish delight, Istanbul.

Baklava, Istanbul.

Pasty, rice and beans Istanbul.

Rabbit stew, Antalya.

Breakfast - cheese, tomato, sliced meats, cucumber, watermelon - Pamukkale.

Cansin fish cafe under the Galata Bridge - Fish Sandwich 5 TL.

Rolled Veal with currants, Faros Restaurant Istanbul,

Greengrocers' shop Princes' Islands.

Lamb, doner and pistachio meatballs, walnut dip at Hamdi Restorant, Istanbul.

Grilled salmon and potatoes, Kahvedan cafe Istanbul.

Pistachio pudding, Hafiz Mustafa Istanbul.

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