Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Venice Food

Venice was different in that we stayed in a self-catering apartment. While we had some meals out, many were at the apartment after shopping at the Rialto Markets or the shops along Strada Nuova.

This was quite an extravagance - drinks at the venerable Gran Caffee Lavena on the Piazza San Marco - Aperol Spritz, Grappa, Cafe Doppio and Mineral Water. The chips and macarons were complimentary.

Marzipan fruit and sea creatures for sale in Venice.

Lobster and spaghetti in Murano, Venice.

Fried sardines and polenta, Venice.

Beef ragout and polenta, same osteria.

Cakes in a window, Strada Nuova.

Hams hanging in a San Marco bar.

The fish markets, Rialto.

A butcher's window, Rialto. Not to be confused with the Macerellia Equina next door.

Duck with seasonal vegetables and lentil foam, Rialto Markets.

Gazpacho, Venissa Restaurant Mazzorbo.

Sardines in peppers, Venissa.

Assorted fried seafood, Venissa.

Clam risotto, Venissa.

Scorpion Fish, Venissa.

Cabbage tart, Cannaregio.

Grilled sardine and raisins, Cannaregio.

Fish of the day, Cannaregio.

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